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Darren Robinson

Owner & Founder

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iScout is owned and formed by Darren Robinson.

Darren is a former Head of Performance and Player Recruitment and has over 25 years experience in professional football. He has worked on 5 continents as a coach, sport psychologist, sports scientist, scout and performance analyst. He has sat in the Head of Recruitment chair and also experienced the outcomes of the recruitment process as a member of 1st team coaching staff member.

He is also one of the highest qualified coaches in the country and has over 15 years experience as a coach educator, giving him one of the broadest profiles in Talent Identification, Player Assessment and understanding of Team Dynamics.

iScout Scouting Team

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Our scouting team is made up of former Premier League Chief Scouts, European Technical Scouts and Emerging Talent Identification specialists.

They have a strong background and work ethic in ensuring that players are diligently observed, assessed and reported. Ensuring clients receive detailed and relevant qualitative assessment.Squad Tracking Tool

iScout Data Analyst Team

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iScout has a team of analysts who work on developing new AI models and data visualisation tools to ensure we continue to evolve and remain at the forefront of technological advances within the industry.

Our dedicated analyst team also ensure that every player movement is updated as it happens live during transfer windows, thus giving our clients a competitive advantage in those busy periods.