Why  iScout?

We understand that your club is like no other.

You have a unique culture, your fans have unique demands and you have a budget to stick to.

I personally benefit from iScout scouting reports and analytics.


They capture information that can't be seen by broadcast cameras and give insightful commentary to help enrich my game observations.


You can never cover enough players. Age-groups, Leagues and Nations. We can help you do more.

AI Proposition

Our database, soon powered by Artificial Intelligence, and player compatibility measures can help you bring in the right player.

industry experience

We have stood in the shoes of the people we serve. Our A license coaches report on all 22 players, contextualised by the story of the game.

92% cost reduction

Our geographically-advantaged scouts can save you time and money, with match reports delivered within 24 hours.

Strategic oversights

We tell you how the market is behaving and how your competitors are behaving, through our empirical validation of transfer trends.


Tel: +44 7972916585 

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