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  • The broadening of player information by utilising the iScout scouting team and database. This compliments existing client knowledge base but also broadens their talent id foundations of player information and insights.

  • Position specific profiling with the unique iScout profile that fits a team's style of play and budget.

  • A dashboard that allows you to react proactively to real time events. iScout also sends direct pdfs during the transfer window keeping clients more up to date and accurate information than any other commercial provider.

  • Quicker, more flexible and more accurate data reporting to the client than any other commercial offering.

  • Greater operational transparency that gives confidence in knowing any transfer recommendation doesn't possess personal gain or third party influence.

  • A white label solution that drives the up the value of club or commercial agent's business activity. iScout is the only football intelligence service that provides a client centred data solution, where the needs and requirements are identified first and then the data source is matched to answer these questions.

  • Continuous bespoke and personalised day-to-day support.

  • More broadly, iScout attempts to offer data-supported, value-added services that differentiate each client club from the competition and enables saved revenue to be re-directed into other areas of football operations. For iScout, it's not just the money saved on the low Return on Investment (ROI) of scouting trips, but also the value of succeeding on the pitch with right player acquisitions.

  •  A significant cost reduction of on-the road scouting costs.



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