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Here’s what our clients have been saying about us….

“iScout was absolutely spot on delivering live info about transfers as and when they happened. In fact, I don’t know of any better platform in England more on the ball and up to the second at delivering such info. In a fast moving market, that is what every agent and club wants. Well done iScout this window. Your info is top drawer and first in the market. Bar none. Thank- you for your impeccable service.” 

- iScout Agent Subscriber


iScout Key Features

Bespoke Radar Profiling.png

Bespoke Radar Comparisons

  • KPI’s can be customised depending on a teams playing style or the specification of a position. Position specific templates are also available.

  • Our radar charts provide fast solutions in an ever-changing marketplace. Rule out players who score poorly, and identify potential players to scout using their analytics.

League Studies and Demographics

  • As football insiders, we help you identify deficits/surpluses in positions to help you understand your market more clearly.

  • Our succession planning tools allow clubs to plan for the future and spot any area’s where their internal pipeline has a gap. As an agent you can use this tool to spot these gaps and position your players accordingly.

  • View team’s transfer incomes, expenditures and net spends; also see where clubs have recruited from in the past to get a better feel for recruitment patterns and global trends.

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Live Scouting.png

Live Scouting

  • All players are graded and their records added to our ever-growing database of scouted players.

  • We do not follow any media outlet when it comes to team shapes, we comment on what we observe in the game only, without bias. This is then challenged empirically to see if the qualitative view matches up with the quantitative data.

  • Our scouts write in the language a coach can understand and without ambiguity.