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iScout 1 of 8 Businesses Accepted into Nottingham Business School's Big House Accelerator Programme

iScout 1 of 8 Businesses in the East Midlands area chosen to be a part of Nottingham Business School’s Inaugural Big House Accelerator.

Nottingham Business School have this year started a new scheme to provide workshops and mentorship to eight exceptional businesses from the digital and technology sector in the East Midlands area.

Competition was strong with early stage businesses of all industries encouraged to apply and pitches starting in early November, but iScout are proud to have won a place amongst such ambitious and inventive businesses.

The 6-month programme starts in January 2019 and features bespoke in-depth relevant support to businesses, the opportunity to stress-test ideas, and a fantastic network of other talented and passionate founders and businesses.

iScout Owner and Founder, Darren Robinson, had this to say about the accelerator:

"Joining the Accelerator Programme is a really important and exciting prospect for us. Not only do we receive the same kind of incubator support that the likes of Silicon Valley start ups experience, it has also given us a lot of confidence in our services and proposition to the Football Industry.”

iScout has a strong background in professional football scouting, analytics and knowledge of the industry sector.

The Accelerator programme aims to support the business with knowledge and insights into e-commerce, digital innovation, business growth and development into becoming the premium outsource of data analytics and talent identification for both the club and agency sectors. 

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