Our Values

At iScout, we strive for the highest standards, whether it be in our scouting reports or our service to our clients. Our culture of continuous improvement and innovation is apparent in the 4 core values which are at the heart of how we operate and conduct ourselves.



We do not get involved in player deals/transactions; we understand we must operate in such a way to sustain our integrity within the footballing industry. We are not afraid of telling hard truths where necessary, as we feel an obligation to our clients to provide our most honest assessment of their needs to add the most value.


Everyone at iScout feels responsible for maintaining our high quality service, we have a clear vision and direction; this enables us to trust each other to accomplish our goals and be honest with each other if we fall short.




We question everything that comes across our desk, this ensures our clients are getting the most reliable information without any prejudice and free from bias. Internally we encourage reviewing and questioning our own methods this allows us to be able to keep coming up with more ways to operate efficiently and effectively.


We encourage training and workshops when necessary and regularly co-ordinate external speakers for our clients and ourselves to ensure we sustain our culture of continuous improvement. Our own in-house in-service days allow us to review our practices and ensure that everyone’s opinion is heard and valued.


Why was iScout formed?

Who are the people behind iScout?