“iScout is the first Football Intelligence service that helps match the right player to the right club. The earlier you know, the faster you can act and we offer a cost effective and diligent service for clubs, agents, governing bodies and intermediaries with a combination of data analytics and live scouting of players free from bias.”


Scouting Reports

We train our scouts to report solely on what they see and not on recommendation, our clients can be assured that our scouting reports are free from any external bias. Our scouts write in the language a coach can understand and without ambiguity. We are able to grade each player observed relative to their standard and provide a basis for where that player could potentially play in the future.

This allows clubs to make better informed decisions on players with a reduced risk due to the thorough level of due diligence provided.


Full Team & Match Assessments

All key events and influences (crowd disturbance, refereeing decisions, and off-the-ball player reactions) are noted down. Clients receive reports that represent the game with a fully contextualised report provided with comments on the ebb and flow of the game that can only be observed when at the game live and for the full duration; leading to a more accurate view of players/clubs.


Free From Bias

We do not follow any media outlet when it comes to team shapes, we comment on what we observe in the game only, without bias. This is then challenged empirically to see if the qualitative view matches up with the quantitative data. Clients are therefore ensured the information we provide is accurate and reliable.


Player Grading

All players are graded and their records added to our ever-growing database of scouted players.

Find out more about our team of dedicated Scouts and Analysts on our About Us page.


Player Matching Service

At iScout we believe that knowledge is power, it is often the difference between making a deal and missing out; our team of analysts have a breadth of knowledge when it comes to club recruitment patterns and trends worldwide. As a client you will have access to all of iScout’s league studies to help you stay ahead of your opposition by identifying each team’s deficits and surpluses, buying and selling habits.


Find A Gap in the Market

We help you identify deficits/surpluses in positions to help you understand your market more clearly. As an football insider, we can help you learn more about the needs of a club you are negotiating with and identify which area’s need strengthening and area’s which are in need of a restructure.


Succession Planning

The best clubs worldwide are those that think and plan for the long term. To do so, iScout’s Succession Planning tools allow clubs to plan for the future and spot any area’s where their internal pipeline has a gap. As an agent you can use this tool to spot these gaps and position your players accordingly.


Transfer Spends

View team’s transfer incomes, expenditures and net spends; also see where clubs have recruited from in the past to get a better feel for recruitment patterns and global trends. As an agent this can be used to determine budgets of teams, and likelihood of teams signing players from foreign/domestic markets.

We also have free to download White Papers on our Articles page.


Triple Filtered
Quality Assurance Process

To maintain such high standards of reporting whilst providing a breadth of league and player coverage, we employ a triple filtered process between our scouts creating a report on a player or team and the report reaching the hands of our clients. At each stage of the process the report can be sent back to the initial scout to prompt for additional information or a context to a comment.

Our process is quick and ensures that clients have their own team assessments available to view on the same day as the full time whistle.

First Write Up.png

Initial Scouting Report

Scouts will write up their observations live whilst at the game using iScout’s custom scouting report template tools.

Review Stage.png

Review Stage

The reports are then quality assured by a member of our analyst team to ensure the comments from the game are indicative of the empirical evidence of the player/team in question.

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Final Sign Off

The report is then signed off by one of our lead scouts/analysts after another review stage where the report is checked for any errors or missing information. Now the report is uploaded to our platform and can be read by our clients.

Our rigorous quality assurance methods make us stand out, so do our core values, read about them on our Values page.


Squad Tracking Tool

Keep your finger on the pulse with all the latest updates from the transfer window as they happen. The speed of our service allows you to stop potential deficits and surplusses before your competition and that could make all the difference when it comes to agreeing a deal. We also keep up to date playing shapes to give you insight into team selection and tactical set ups.


Fast Service

Transfers are updated as soon as official confirmation is released publicly, meaning you can act immediately to an ever-changing marketplace.


League Coverage

With the increasing number of UK exports to foreign leagues in recent years, you can explore live insights from leagues across the world.


Competitive Advantage

As a club or agent, out-of-date data can affect how you conduct business and how you are viewed in the professional sphere. iScout provides a competitive advantage to tip the scales your way.

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Critical Analysis

Munsy v Quaner v Pekhart Blank.png

Multiple Player Assessment

View up to as many as 3 players on a radar chart to assess their suitability and compare their performance levels.

Bespoke KPI’s

KPI’s can be customised depending on a teams playing style or the specification of a position. Position specific templates are also available.

Natcho v Champ Blank.png

Calculated League Averages

Our carefully calculated league averages can help determine the level a player is playing at, and their suitability to a preferred league. We can also use this to benchmark a team’s players in comparison to the averages in their own league.

Quick Answers in a Busy Market

Our radar charts provide fast solutions in an ever-changing marketplace. Rule out players who score poorly, and identify potential players to scout using their analytics.


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